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My New Iphone 6

A few weeks ago my old Iphone decided it was going to collapse if it was going to be charged up quickly. \I took it to Telstra who advised they could not fix it and since it was out of warranty my options were to go directly to Apple to see if they could fix it, or get a new phone with a new plan. SO although it is probably going to be more expensive in the long run, I decided to get a new phone.

Now I am glad I did get an Iphone. I went with the Iphone 6 rather than the 6+. I held both models in the store. The 6+ is bloody huge and while I am sure it is good if you want a big screen, for somebody who does not rely on the screen at all, this is useless. Also the 6 sits better in my one hand better and is similar to how I handled the 5. I hold the left hand side of the phone under my middle three fingers and swipe with my thumb. This does put a bit of pressure on my thumb especially as it is so active. However I can also put the phone down on a desk or on my knee and use the other fingers to swipe just as easily.

I like the change of location of the lock button to the right hand side rather than the top of the phone because you don’t need to reach up to close it at all.

The other cool feature that I really appreciate is the touch Identification. In order to unlock previous models you had to press the home button, swipe to the right, find the unlock button on screen and tap twice quickly on it. Of course this is using VoiceOver gestures.

Before I used the touch ID I did not think that unlocking my phone was such an issue for me. Now I can simply press the home button once place a finger over the home button, hold it for a few seconds and the phone will unlock. I have chosen my desired finger to be my thumb. This accessibility innovation means that getting into my phone is so much easier and saves my hand from being as sore as usual.


One thought on “My New Iphone 6

  1. Before reading this I’d never have thought of Touch ID as having such a benefit in terms of accessibility! Interesting :)

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