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Guide Dogs – Day 16 and 17

The last two days have been busy as usual. Yesterday morning, Pete brought Varek back out to my place in Carlton. I met them out the front and Varek was very happy to see me and had a good sniff of me, wagging his tail a lot. We took him out to the courtyard to see if he wanted to go to the toilet! He did a poo, very exciting! But usually what I have been doing is letting him do a wee, then I put the toileting harness on him to do a poo. But today he did a poo without the harness. Pete did not worry about it, and just said it comes down to experience. Then I offered him a drink, which he accepted with great gusto!

Then we went down to Woolworths again and showed him where to go. I worked on my body position which hopefully is getting better. I am finding that it is very easy to drop back or go too forward. Also when I say forward I find that I tend to drop back, so that is a problem. Pete instructed me not to be so far back near his back legs, but somewhere in the middle to see if that fixes the problem. I think this is working! We spent time consolidating the routes to Woolworths, the pharmacy, the bottle shop, the bank and we had coffee at Trotters.

We met a friend for coffee and we gave him a lift back out to Guide Dogs for some other business. My friend does not live far from me, so we discussed meeting up after I have finished formal training at the end of this week. Pete and I did some obedience. It is amazing how trained these dogs are!!

After lunch Jhaneen offered for me to go out with Steph and Lisa as they were going to an amazing chocolate place called Handoff, in North Balwyn. It’s amazing! Thanks for letting me tag along! O and I also took Varek on the bus for the first time. On any form of public transport you need to ensure that you protect the dog’s front paws especially, as the dog will generally like to stretch out. A technique I learnt is putting my foot between his two front paws.

Then we came back to GDV and began to go through the manual we receive when we graduate.

Then last night I groomed Varek after dinner. He did a poo at approximately 8pm. Last week he did this also and did another poo just before bedtime. I thought he would have done the same last night, but I tried for about 15 minutes and he did not go. I was a bit worried that he would not hold till this morning. It caused me not to sleep very well. But I’m ok and I did get enough.

This morning I made sure I was quick smart getting out at 5.30am. Varek did a good poo for me.

This morning basically followed the same structure as yesterday morning. We drove out to Carlton and walked down to the various locations. We are becoming regulars, especially at Trotters! Along the block there are five big driveways. It is hard for me to direct Varek with these as they are very blended to the rest of the landscape. I can’t expect too much from Varek in this respect, but at least he will slow down for them. After we finished there we did a nice walk with left turns around East Kew. It is nice to have a residential walk where you can really stretch out and do some good work.

This afternoon I groomed, relieved and performed obedience with Varek. Then we took the dogs out to the free run and finished going through the manual.

I am starting to feel that I am getting ready to go home and get back to real life with Varek.

As I write this, Varek is lying down beside me and has gone to sleep. However I am about to wake him up, relieve him and go to dinner!


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