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Guide Dogs – weekend between week 3 and 4

Missing Varek. I will see him again tomorrow morning!

After my walk with Varek on Friday, that went really well, I had a discussion with Jenny about the cane and the dog. The concentration levels are very different. Mentally you have to work a whole lot harder with a cane because you have to focus on where you’re going, orientation, detecting and getting around obstacles and making sure you are safe. The dog takes care of the obstacle work with your direction and also makes sure you are safe. There are merrits to both. But I know that if I did the walk with Varek on Friday with my cane, I would be so much more mentally tired. However transitioning from something to something else is hard because in one way I do not want to lose my skills in one area as I am gaining new skills in another. I have been through this before. I remember when I had Qesta, my cane skills really went down hill. The day I went out with my cane, after Qesta went back was very scary. Gradually I got used to it again. Also I transitioned from trumpet as my main instrument in Year 11 to singing in Year 12.

I still maintain a healthy respect for the cane. I still know how to use it quite well. It’s only been three weeks since I trained with Varek. I went for a walk today with my cane and it went ok. Jenny said that some clients just dismiss the cane entirely when they get a guide dog. I don’t want to do that. Pete says that I should go for a walk with my cane about once a week. I think this is a good philosophy.

I can also understand why Pete does not like the car park entrance to Lygon Court. After having a look at it today I agree that I should not walk that way. I also need to talk to Pete about how Carol and I go shopping in the supermarket. Carol was saying we should leave him at home. I don’t think that is a good idea. I almost need to find excuses to practice the routes with Varek, so I think Varek and I can meet Carol at Woolworths and do shopping, then go home again.

Graham called tonight. It was very nice to hear from him. I updated him with what was happening at GDV. I’m looking forward to the dinner we are having on Thursday night.

Bring on the fourth week!!!


One thought on “Guide Dogs – weekend between week 3 and 4

  1. Hi Ross, have been following your blog, & so glad to hear training with Varek has been going so well. That’s great!

    Elska & I are just back from NZ & she was just brilliant despite the many & varied challenges I threw at her! 1st day at home she wanted to sleep all day, they get so tired also like us!

    Continue to enjoy, & go well!


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